Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tonight's the night Human Beings! All new Community and all new Interview with Dan Harmon!

That's right Greendale Alumni! All new Community tonight!  As you have already noticed the internet is a buzz with tons of news so i will be short and sweet.  Thanks to Matt for these two great scoops,  The ever cool AVclub has a great interview with Dan Harmon and a spoiler free review of tonight's episode! Check them out here:

Community: Season 2 Sneak Peek
Last year's freshman laugher is back for its sophomore year which kicks off with Betty White.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chevy Chase as Captain Kirk and Zombie's at Greendale... must be Halloween:

Dan Harmon talked to about the super secret Halloween episode that teases to be better and bigger than last years Halloween and Paintball together!

Harmon Teases there will be zombies and Chevy Chase as Captain Kirk!

From EW:
“Knowing too much about this particular plot would ruin it, but I promise it’s an awesome, one-off crazy conceptual episode with plot points and effects that are more familiar to horror film fans than our show’s fans,” Harmon revealed last Friday on the Community set. (As he was talking, a parade of costumed and bloodied extras marched through GCC’s hallowed halls, which were decked out with fake bats, chains, smoke machines, and various dismembered body parts.) “We’re going over schedule and over budget to get it right,” he adds. “I’ve had to promise to do a few what I call ‘Bottle Episodes,’ where the group never leaves the library, to make up for it.”
Luckily, we were able to scare up a few more details from Joel McHale, whose character Jeff Winger dresses up as David Beckham. “Last year, Annie was throwing a party and spent the episode trying to get everyone involved and we ended [up] at the party. This year, the groupstarts at the party, some circumstances beyond their control happen, and they start behaving badly to put it mildly. Like every crazy thing that goes down at Greendale, there is a perfectly legitimate explanation.”
Case in point: There’s a very good reason why Abed is dressed as an alien and Troy is Sigourney Weaver in the yellow robot suit. ” Our costumes are a metaphor for us,” said Donald Glover. “The robot is mechanical and cold like Abed, and Alien is strange and works all on instinct like Troy.”
Other costumes include Pierce’s Captain Kirk, Annie’s Little Red Riding Hood, Britta’s tyrannosaurus rex, and Shirley’s Glenda the Good Witch/Barbie/Miss Piggy confection.

Are you as excited as I am? Check out the full episode here:

Insight into Shirley: Interview with Yvette Nicole Brown

Leave it to the guys at to nab a great interview with Yvette that dares to ask the question... what is Shirley doing when she is not at Greendale?

Check out some highlights here:

Is that tough, early on in the series, where Shirley is relatively normal compared to some other people? 
I think she appears to be relatively normal. I think we're going to find out that she's just as crazy as everyone else. And I mean, Pierce is as crazy as it gets, and there's varying degrees, but I think she's a little more towards the Pierce side than the Jeff side. 
How is it working with Chevy? 
Chevy is... fun. He is... interesting. He is full of stories about everyone and everything. He knows where all the bodies are buried. The thing I love most about him, if I had to pick something, is his relationship with his wife. He's been married 30 years. That's huge to me. Take Hollywood out of it; to make it 30 years is amazing. And his wife's a lovely woman. So my theory is anyone who married Chevy and stayed with him, he's got to be a cool dude. 
Do you think Shirley would ever be foolish enough to give into Pierce's charm? 
Never. Ne-ver. And the funny thing is, I never thought it was that Pierce likes Shirley. Pierce just likes women. And Shirley was the object of his fixation for a time, and now he's moved on. I don't think it will ever happen. 
So what does Shirley do? Obviously she has two sons to take care of, but what is she doing when she's not at Greendale? 
I'm trying to figure out how Shirley's at Greendale so much. Shirley's at Greendale from morning to night. Who has her babies? I think she bakes a lot. She makes brownies. I think she knits. I think she throws darts at her ex-husband. Literally; she doesn't have a picture, she follows him around and throws darts at him. And she's at church a lot, apparently. 
Mentioning brownies, I've found that ever since that episode, I find myself doing the "Give him a sandwich" move. 
Give him a sandwich! The Jack Nicholson move! Yeah. I loved the way they came up with that episode and what Shirley did, and Ioved the juxtaposition of Chang and his wife dancing and "Somewhere Out There" and Shirley overcoming her fear. I thought the editing of that episode, the writing and editing, was amazing. 
So if she doesn't give into Pierce, will Shirley find love at some point. 
I've said this so much that I think people are going to ask me to stop saying it, but I really want her to find love with Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice guy. I recently met him. I was saying it before I met him, but now that I met him, he and I really got along. I think he would be great. We're around the same age, we got a couple of pictures at Comic-Con, we looked cute together. I say do it. Why not? 
And for Shirley's ex-husband, I think Craig Robinson would be hilarious. The visual of me and him together would be very funny, and he looks like someone that Shirley would have married. He's her kind of guy, I think. 

Check out the full Article here:

Monday, September 20, 2010

Alison Brie's sexy Photo-shoot! Another one!

For those of you who have been living in a cave... or just don't read mens health magazines, then you haven't seen Alison's sexy new photo-shoot from the October issiue of Mens Health.

I don't have much else to say but check out these steamy pictures!

You can also check out this video of the shoot!

Check out these high res pics at the Alison Brie Source Gallery Here:


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Annie and Professor Duncan? New Interview with Alison Brie!:

Entertainment weekly’s Popwatch has a new interview with Alison Brie about season two, her predictions and same spoilers! 

Here are the highlights:

…Who would you like to see from Annie’s past? 
I would love to see some stuff — just because I like to play things that are a little edgy and out there — I would love to see some blasts from the past from her drug-induced days.

Her days as Annie Adderall?!
Yeah! Her Adderall days — maybe some of her junkie friends. Or maybe she has a relapse. I just think that would be funny. Although, I also wonder about her parents. We’ve been working on our holiday episode, which is going to be a very special episode. I don’t think I can say anything about it, but it’s very exciting. And with the holidays, you always get into exploring family, and what the holidays mean to you — that sort of thing. So I talked to Dan Harmon a bit about what the holidays mean to me, helping him form Annie. And it just made me think, “Oh, that’s something we don’t know about her.” And because she’s one of the younger characters, I think it would be interesting to see how her parents have influenced her. Her upbringing must have influenced her uptightness.

…I know Dan recently said in an interview that he assembled the cast to be sort of romantically interchangeable should he want to pair up anyone at any time. Who do you think is Annie’s next romantic conquest?
It sort of narrows the playing field because she started with a crush on Troy [Donald Glover], she dated Vaughn [Eric Christian Olsen], she had a little something with Jeff, so it’s sort of like “Who’s left?” To be honest, I always tell them John Oliver. I think it’d be funny. Talk about taboo! I’m like, “Come on!” Last season, we did the psychology episode, and it was our fourth episode we ever shot, and he and I did this experiment where we stayed up all night. There was this one scene where we were both wearing argyle, and I was like “It’s a sign! They both like argyle! They should be together.” There’s just something I think that’d be funny about Annie and John Oliver’s character. [Imitates swooning Annie] Professor Duncan.

See, I would have initially said Abed (Danny Pudi), but now that I think about it, I see them more as a musical duo. 
They’re buddies. It’s true! I always want to get paired with Danny for storylines, but not romantically. I love the character Abed, but I like his friendship with all the characters. That’s sort of how Danny is in real life, too. He’s friends with everyone. He’s everyone’s favorite. And I think Danny and Annie have cute rapport and that they’re a cute duo friend-wise. But Professor Duncan — I don’t know why. I guess because I think Annie has that sexy schoolgirl thing going on — not that she’s super sexy, but she has that forbidden fruit thing going on. So why not be super taboo about it and have her be hot for teacher? [Laughs]

The complete opposite of what that character is supposed to be. I love it.
Exactly. I think that’s why people fantasize about girls in schoolgirl outfits. It makes you think “slutty nerd,” [or] “sexy schoolgirl.” Incongruities are what people like.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Community Halloween Costume on sale at!

We have gained some new merchandise at the NBC store including a Star-burns t-shirt and on sale now a Greendale Community student costume!

You can get the Greendale Costume pack on sale now for 29.99 here:

And get your very own Star-burns... I mean Alex Osbourne shirt here!

Something tells me if anything we will see more Greendale Human Beings for Halloween this year.  Its so creepy and yet I can't wait!

The Season 2 official Community site is up at with a Sneak Peak at Season 2!!

Not much to it yet and nothing new other than a hip new background made from recycled Season one publicty photos but there is a season premiere sneak peak video!

The Official Greendale Community College website and The Pierce Hawthorne Blog remain untouched since 2009.

Until we get some updates check out the Community Sneak Peak!  Can't wait!

Check out the sites!:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Season 2 Photo Preview! brings us a ton of pictures from the season two season premiere episode.


As apparent from the promotional photos,  is armed and dangerous in her guest starring role on "". Described as "an esteemed, but slightly unhinged anthropology professor", White's June is seen holding an ancient weapon and aiming it at 's Jeff. 

Speaking of the experience working with the veteran actress, McHale told Billy Bush, "She plays a murderous anthropology professor and she tries to kill me. She really does try to assault me numerous times. And she drinks her own urine ...and I am not joking!" But he was joking when he said, "It's very torrid, very graphic, really intense I don't know if we can show it at 8 o'clock." 
Check out the full article here and all the great photos!:

NBC's Community