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More Community Interviews and videos!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Were those chicken fingers as good as they looked? Video Alison Brie opens up:

Zap2it caught up with Alison Brie at comic-con to discuss favorite episodes, Romance, the food fight and did those chicken fingers taste as good as they looked?

Check out zap2it for the full article:

John Oliver to Teach Anthropology Class on Community


At this weekend's Comic-Con panel, series creator Dan Harmon said John Oliver will be promoted this fall. Look for The Daily Show correspondent to take over anthropology taught byBetty White on the Community premiere in September.
Said Harmon:
"He's one of the funniest guys I've ever worked with. I wanted to see what it might be like, just to see it, if he in fact was the so-called Chang and Chang was one of the students. Whether or not that makes Chang part of the study group, I won't address, but I wanted to see John Oliver in front of our ensemble, teaching some kind of class. The nice way to do it is to have him filling in for a suspended Betty White."
Community returns with new episodes on September 23
Check out the full article here:

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Danny Pudi scoops about The Knights of Badassdom.

While in town promoting his hit comedy "Community" actor Danny Pudi offered a little bit on insight in terms of what to expect from Joe Lynch's upcoming film, The Knights of Badassdom.
"It starts off really fun and comedic, but things get very serious. It has a Lord of the Rings-ish, epic feel. [My character named Lando is] "a bit of a weasel. Everyone else will be fighting, confronting people, but Lando will be hiding." Pudi went on to talk about Spectral Motion's physical creature F/X. "It's very real, very gross, very scary. It's so cool looking."
In addition to Pudi The Knights of Badassdom stars Summer Glau, Peter Dinklage, Ryan Kwanten, and Steve Zahn. The flick follows the exploits of a group of LARPers (Live Action Role Players) who accidentally release a big badass demon.
For the complete article click here:

Full Community Panel: Comic-Con 2010

Check out the cast & creators of Community, direct from Comic-Con!

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Comic-con Community panel video!

But wait... there is more!

(Donald G. and Danny P.) "La Biblioteca" rap

Donald Glover (Troy) does homeless man

2010 Comic Con Community Panel: Chevy Chase

More Community from Comic-con

Community received the first standing ovation at this year’s Comic Con.  People are even talking about how nice Chevy is!  I love the world we live in!

Dan Harmon had this to say about the people who joined the group:
“You guys at the Community panel gave us all the best experience of our lives, and we owe you, especially if you didn't get in.”

Gillian Jacobs said this: That was one of the most pure expressions of love I have ever seen. Yes, I did cry. Thank you.

From Eonline:
Oh, and did we mention the Community crew totally dominated the Con today with the first standing ovation from the crowd that we've seen thus far?!
True story: It was adorably heartwarming watching Gillian wipe tears of joy from her eyes after the outpouring of love you Community kids showed the cast at Saturday's panel. And while it was a much-deserved reception, something tells us Joel and Co. weren't expecting all the love you guys had to give. Especially since a majority of the stars felt the need to turn the panel around and thank the fans for the warm welcome.
"I am the luckiest person in the world to be doing this role," Danny gushed. And Yvette added: "This is amazing. We have never seen this much humanity in one place honoring our show. Thank you so, so much."
Now, that scoopy goodness we promised. According to the genius known as Dan Harmon, he conquered the action-movie-turned-TV-show-episode last season, so this year, somewhere around episode four, he's bringing Greendale to outer space. It's still a work in progress, but the name Apollo was mentioned, which brings to mind Tom Hanks in Apollo 13, which was a great movie, which means this will be a great show. See how we did that there?
Each cast member was also gracious enough to give us a little tease about their character's future plans, so here's your breakdown:
Jeff: Remember that shocktastic finale kiss between Jeff and Annie? Well don't expect the two to just go on their merry way and ignore it completely. "All the open-ended questions that were left open, like me making out with Annie, Britta confessing her love, even Troy and Pierce's moving in together, all get answered," Joel tells us. "You know Gilligan's Island just used to reset? Nothing's changed!' Everything's changed." Dun-dun-dun!
Britta: "Right now she's just operating on the hurt of being rejected, let alone the added humiliation that he went out and kissed Annie," Gillian spills. "I don't know how she's going to deal with it. She's got a fragile ego as we learned over the course of season one and she likes to win, so there are going to be explosive fireworks in the study room."
Annie: For the record, Alison is Team Whatever's Best for the Show. "It's not like they ever had Jeff being this creepy dude going after this young girl," is how she laughs off weird reactions to the Jeff and Annie hookup. "So I don't think it would be the weirdest thing, but I would never want the show to just get caught up in too much romantic drama, because we're a smart comedy. It's fun to be able to do the wacky zany stuff and not be Gossip Girl." No offense, of course.
Abed: Danny promises Abed will still be Abed—in a more grown up way. "Abed has had a summer now to explore documentary filmmaking. Abed has a two picture deal. He's got a first look deal with Sony, a second look deal with NBC [Laughs.] No, Abed is excited. He's tried to get out of the falafel restaurant. He's been in there just making falafel balls, and these hands aren't made for falafel. So, I'm excited to see what we do with that." God, we love you Danny Pudi.
Shirley: Yvette wants some lovin' for her lady! "I hope we'll see more of her family," she tells us, "and I'm still shooting for that love interest. I'm like, 'c'mon!'. I want Isaiah Mustafa. He's got an NBC deal! The Old Spice Guy. I love him. I've been campaigning so much with Dan and on Twitter!" Her second choice? Malcolm Jamal Warner.
Troy: Get ready for a geeky Troy. "We've already seen he's not talking about football anymore and I won't be wearing the ring or the Rolex next year," Donald says. "He's changing a lot. He's turning into this uber weird nerdy kid that he wasn't allowed to be in high school, so there's going to be a lot of changes for Troy."
Pierce: Unfortunately, Chevy tells us he has no idea what's coming up for let's all go guess in the comments section, shall we?
Side note on one of the best panels we've seen all weekend: The whole gang is crazy excited about Betty White's premiere appearance and Joel tells us he believes she'll be back for more: "Betty White's our new professor. And I think it might reoccur if she agrees to it. Please Betty, please."
Also, Danny and Donald were kind enough to finish the panel off with a rapping rendition of that hit "Biblioteca" and a "Somewhere Out There" duet. It. Was. Incredible.
The news is still coming in.  But in the mean time check out these sites for more:

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Comic-Con video: 'Community' crew gang tackles EW reporter, spoils season premiere

News is starting to trickle in from the SDCC.  For those that couldn't be there today we will be updating all weekend as the news comes in.  Until then here is Ausiello asking the Gang about paint ball, season two and how Chevy is on "Team Threesome.".

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Community Season one DVD Extras  Confirms
Release date September 21, 2010

DVD Feature's
+ Extended cuts of Pilot and Communication Studies episodes
+ Outtakes on every disc
+ Season one cast evaluations
+ Season one highlight reel
+ “Creative Compromises” featurette
+ “Advanced Criminal Law” alternative scenes
+ 3 mini episodes
+ Commentary on all 25 episodes
+ Kickpuncher returns comic book with every set

From :

Community Comic books and the first look at season one DVD box art!

Okay Community Fans… don’t freak out but Dan Harmon has announced to that every copy of the season one DVD set will include an issue of Kickpuncher the Comic book!  As if that is not enough we may even get more Community theme Comic books!

Read this from the interview while I go change my paints:
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Tell me about this comic book adventure.

DAN HARMON: The comic book is written by Troy Barnes, Donald Glover’s character, within the Greendale universe. The idea is that he was in an art class with Jim Mahfood –  who I’ve known for a long time — who’s a really cool underground, yet successful, comic book artist and muralist. The idea is that he’s an art student at Greendale and had an art class with Troy, who took a shine to his talents and decided to take him under his wing as a protégé and do this comic book. So it’s from the mind of Troy Barnes, which can be a little scattered. At times he’s not a master storyteller, but he is an entertainer. [Laughs] So it’s six pages of satisfying content, which does feature Annie and Britta in a typical comic book situation, which is scantily clad and in jeopardy. And it, of course, features Kickpuncher, who is at the whim of Troy and Abed because they’re so cool.

How’d it come about? 
It was an idea that I wanted to do. It came to me late in the game, and it’s so cool that Sony was able to just take the ball and run with it immediately. Relative to how early you should come up with an idea like this, it was really late in the game. The way I came up with it was people do fan art on Twitter, and somebody Tweeted an image from the paintball game that was a very heroic and airbrushed and a comic book-y tableau of the ensemble holding their paint guns and looking cool. When I looked at it, I suddenly — embarrassingly — remembered that I worked in comic books in the ’90s and have connections and have access to huge teams of people who can get stuff done and that I had a DVD hitting shelves. It sort of hit me in one afternoon that we had to put a comic book in the DVD because that’s really cool, and we have to go to Comic-Con and work these people into a lather. My hope is that this will whet the appetite and prove to be a successful thing so we can — not unlike The Simpsons — eventually have multiple Community outlets for expression. In other words, it would be really cool to do a 25-20 page Kickpuncher comic book written by Troy and/or Abed. Or maybe other characters taking turns at writing storylines to get revenge on Troy’s storyline. But, at any rate, having an actual product. One of the cool things about Community is that as crazy as it is, the world invites you to believe it’s real and that the characters are real.
Are we going to see the comic worked into season 2?

I think that would be cool. I’d like to validate the thing. I think I’m going to wait and see fan response. If everyone thinks it’s a totally stupid thing, I won’t waste the TV show’s energy on acknowledging the existence of this thing, but if it’s really cool, then it might make an interesting story tool within the show itself. For example, much like Abed’s short films, the characters’ reacting to their portrayal in Troy’s comic book. I like to have a healthy amount of interaction with the fans because you only have 20 minutes a week to communicate with these people. One minute of that time is relatively valuable. I’ll wait the two days to see how valuable they think this topic is.

Finally, I have to ask, did you really do commentary on every episode for the DVD set?

Yea. As you can tell, I can say a lot without getting anything done. So if I did commentary on only four episodes, the only thing I would establish is that I like pretzels and that the show was fun to do. So I have to cast a wide net to get any communication done. But I also put myself in the shoes of the consumer. As much as we could, we try to give people on the DVD that we thought we would want. The thing about commentary is that it should be this thing that we provide that is ubiquitous, and if you want to hear it you can hit that button. You should be able to do that on every episode. But half the time all we’re going to be doing is being drunk and farting around. So if we’re doing that, we felt we had to do that for 25 episodes, because it would be weird to do that for select episodes. My memory of it is that you’re not going to come out of our commentary with a film school education, but with more insights into personality conflicts within different combinations of actors and myself and directors [laughs] and a lot of ridiculous joking around. But having it on all the episodes makes it a big blanket of absurdity.

For the complete interview check out

Right now I am in a Meadow and I am floating.  The season one DVD comes out september 21st.

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More on Bettie White on Community!: has more on the upcoming season premiere with guest star Bettie White where Dan Harmon clues us in on what to expect.

Community creator Dan Harmon has revealed details of Betty White's guest role on the program.

Earlier this month, it emerged that the formerGolden Girls star will appear as a professor in an episode of the NBC show's new season.
Speaking to TV Guide, Harmon explained that he always wanted White to take on the role.
"Hopefully, it's a little cooler for her than just straight-up being profane," he continued. "I've been a fan for a long time, so I wrote to capitalise on the stuff she's brought to the table for a long time."
Harmon also released more information about White's character, saying: "She's sort of my version of Joseph Campbell if he wasn't interested in being polite. She has a great deal of knowledge, she's a student of humanity, and therefore knows there's a very blurry line between man and animal. 
"She has a primal practical wisdom - she's eccentric but quite the opposite of insane. She's very lucid, to the point of maybe being scary. She's an impersonal cosmic force."
Harmon added that he would love White to reprise her role in the future, saying: "The role is specifically designed so that if she enjoys doing it, we'd love to have her back."
Community returns for its second season on September 23 on NBC.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Betty White joining Community!

Not only is Community about to start shooting the new season July 26th but we have news of the season premiere!  That’s right Betty White is guest starring on the season premiere! reports:
Betty White's quest for world Hollywood domination rages on, and this time NBC's Community is the proud recipient of a Golden guest spot.
The 88-year-old sensation is setting up shop in Greendale College's Anthropology Department (because Spanish was so season one) to give Jeff & Co. a run for their money.
And if you thought Ken Jeong's Señor Chang was wonky, get a load of Betty:
Hot in Cleveland's hot mama will play anthro professor June Bauer, a highly esteemed, if not completely off-her-rocker, addition to Greendale's already questionable teaching staff.
And something tells us that since Betty is only set for one ep (she's starring in her own series, after all), either the new area of study just ain't workin' out...or Chang's gotta step in when June loses it. But we're just spitballing here. Feel free to join us.

The new season kicks off Thursday, September 23
8-8:30 p.m.               Community
8:30-9 pm                 30 Rock
9-9:30 pm                 The Office
9:30-10 pm               Outsourced
10-11 pm                   The Apprentice
Check out these links for more:

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Community: Comic-con, mini-episodes and more:

Well it’s another slow summer week so here are a few tidbits to brighten up your day.
Those of you lucky enough to make it to Comic-con we have the Community schedule including Q&A with cast and crew.  Did you ever believe in a million years that Chevy Chase would be and a Comic-con?

Saturday, July 24
3:00-4:00: NBC's Community Cast and Creative Team— The cast and producers will have a Q&A session.

Community Mini Episodes.  Study Group study breaks!:

And last another great Fan video… this one including behind the scenes footage of the gang!

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Joel & Ken Outtakes

Joel McHale on Emmy snub!:

Zap2it caught up with Joel after reading the Emmy Nominations and discussed the Emmy Nominations and Community's snub. 

Joel also discussed that they just did the first table read for the Season 2 opener and it sounds great.
Check out the video and zap2it for the full article:

Also check out this interview video of Yvette from People Magazine discussing the famous paintball episode and her favorite Community co star:

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Community Marathon Tonight!

Ready for the six episode cram session hosted by Ken Jeong and Joel Mchale?  The All-Nighter Marathon starts at 8/7c tonight- don't be late!
Episodes include: (Eastern time zone)
8 p.m. "Contemporary American Poultry."
Also known as the "Goodfellas" episode
8:30 p.m "Romantic Expressionism"
9 p.m. "Modern Warfare," AKA "The Paintball Episode"
9:30 p.m. "Physical Education," AKA "Joel's Naked Episode"
10 p.m. "Comparative Religion" AKA "The Christmas Episode"
10:30 p.m. "Debate 109"

Zap2it spoke to Joel to get some great trivia about tonights episodes!
Joel on "Debate 109"
"We shot that in a school gym here in Hollywood," McHale says. "And while we were filming it, there was a shooting on campus or right outside the high school. And we were on lockdown while we were shooting. We couldn't leave the gym!"

Check out the full article here:

Enjoy the show.

Team Annie or Team Britta: And the winner is:

In honor of Community Thursday we have results for our latest polls!

The first answers the age old question of Team Annie or Team Britta.  That’s right, forget this Twilight Team Edward crap, lets get to the good stuff!

It was neck and neck for a long time but the people have spoken and Team Annie has been declared victorious!

131 votes to 90 for Team Annie.

Ladies we love you both!  But don't mess with team Annie!

Who would you want to see join the study Group:
Second up… who would you want to see join the study group?  Now that Chang is now a fellow student… anything is possible.

Chang and Star-burns tied with 20% of the vote but in the end everyone seems to feel that we love our group just the way it is.  Never fear Chang fans… I am sure we will still see Chang conflicts for years to come.

That’s it for now but be sure to vote on our new poll to the top left of the page. 

Greendale Human Beings rule!

Ken Jeong, Twilight spoof Trailer!:

Some of the press I am seeing for this film seems to imply that Ken is the star of the spoof.  I can’t confirm just how big a role he will have but I can only guess that he will be the funniest thing in the movie!

Still no word on Chevy Chase’s unreleased low budget spoof “Not another, not another movie” which may never be released but does have a trailer!

Check here for more on the film:

Community News Update! Plus Emmy news!

We have been lazy this summer, the curse of the unemployed I guess so let gets everyone caught up with what our favorite show has been up too!

Emmy's Suck:
Well First up our very own Joel McHale and Sophia Vergara (Modern Family) announced the 2010 Emmy awards this morning.  Well what can I say… we were snubbed!

Mchale has said to that he would not be heartbroken over the loss of nominations:
"My only main concern is making Community and helping Community be the best show on television," he said. "If people will give us a nomination, then terrific. But I love going to work. So I feel like a kid in a candy store."
He continued:
"Dan Harmon, our creator, I really do think he's some sort of mad genius. And I will fight to the death for all my castmates. I'm blown away by what they do every day."
Click here for McHale’s full interview:

Dan Harmon had his own words about the Emmy Snub:
I don't care! I didn't even want any! They make your living room look totally dumb!
Check out all the nominations here:

Yvette joins the view:
Yvette stopped by the View to co-host with the ladies… heres a clip of her getting ready for the big show:

Alison Brie joins Scream 4!
Dimision Films announced last week that Allison Brie has joined the cast of the movie Scream 4.  The film brings the suriveing cast, Director Wes Craven, Screenwriter Kevin Williamson and is filming now.  I can’t wait! 
Brie will play Rebecca, Neve Campbell’s “ambitious personal assistant who envies her boss’ reluctant fame and fortune”.
Filming is already underway in Michigan and Scre4m is scheduled to be released on April 15th 2011.

Read more here:

Jim Rash Screenwriter:
Jim Rash who plays our favorite Dean happens to also be a screenwriter who has finished the script for the now filming picture The Descendants.
George Clooney stars in the "The Descendants," a drama based on the book by Kaui Hart Hemmings. The project has just kicked off filming in Hawaii.
The plot follows Clooney as a husband and dad who attempts to work on his troubled relationship with this two daughters after his wife gets into a boating accident in Waikiki.
Check out these links for more:

No Spidey for Donald Glover.
Lastly it looks like the new Spiderman film has been cast and alas Peter Parker will not be played by Donald Glover.  It seems Andrew Garfield has won the part.  Well gang… we tried.
Check out the full story at MTV:

Stay tuned there will be much more to come!

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