Thursday, July 15, 2010

Betty White joining Community!

Not only is Community about to start shooting the new season July 26th but we have news of the season premiere!  That’s right Betty White is guest starring on the season premiere! reports:
Betty White's quest for world Hollywood domination rages on, and this time NBC's Community is the proud recipient of a Golden guest spot.
The 88-year-old sensation is setting up shop in Greendale College's Anthropology Department (because Spanish was so season one) to give Jeff & Co. a run for their money.
And if you thought Ken Jeong's Señor Chang was wonky, get a load of Betty:
Hot in Cleveland's hot mama will play anthro professor June Bauer, a highly esteemed, if not completely off-her-rocker, addition to Greendale's already questionable teaching staff.
And something tells us that since Betty is only set for one ep (she's starring in her own series, after all), either the new area of study just ain't workin' out...or Chang's gotta step in when June loses it. But we're just spitballing here. Feel free to join us.

The new season kicks off Thursday, September 23
8-8:30 p.m.               Community
8:30-9 pm                 30 Rock
9-9:30 pm                 The Office
9:30-10 pm               Outsourced
10-11 pm                   The Apprentice
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  1. That sounds awesome! She always seems to add a certain amount of goofiness to whatever she's involved in. Can't wait!

  2. The Chinese sure like her.


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