Monday, July 19, 2010

More on Bettie White on Community!: has more on the upcoming season premiere with guest star Bettie White where Dan Harmon clues us in on what to expect.

Community creator Dan Harmon has revealed details of Betty White's guest role on the program.

Earlier this month, it emerged that the formerGolden Girls star will appear as a professor in an episode of the NBC show's new season.
Speaking to TV Guide, Harmon explained that he always wanted White to take on the role.
"Hopefully, it's a little cooler for her than just straight-up being profane," he continued. "I've been a fan for a long time, so I wrote to capitalise on the stuff she's brought to the table for a long time."
Harmon also released more information about White's character, saying: "She's sort of my version of Joseph Campbell if he wasn't interested in being polite. She has a great deal of knowledge, she's a student of humanity, and therefore knows there's a very blurry line between man and animal. 
"She has a primal practical wisdom - she's eccentric but quite the opposite of insane. She's very lucid, to the point of maybe being scary. She's an impersonal cosmic force."
Harmon added that he would love White to reprise her role in the future, saying: "The role is specifically designed so that if she enjoys doing it, we'd love to have her back."
Community returns for its second season on September 23 on NBC.

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