Friday, May 29, 2009

Chevy Chase is everywhere!

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With news breaking this week about Chevy Chase joining the cast of the new John Cusack flick. Now reports are that of a Fletch Won resurrection again. Please God not Joshua Jackson! See the following link:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More extended clips from the pilot!

Joel BS-ing or flirting!

Community introductions clip

Here is Chevy stealing the scenes in an extended scene from the NBC preview!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Interview with Chevy!

Chevy talks about why he chose to do a sitcom and an ensemble show. It also seems he has come to terms with being a legend and will be able to stand working with Joel.

Thanks to NBC.

Behind the scenes with NBC

Chevy keeps closing his eyes and the photographer sounds like the guy that took my prom picture!

NBC has more video's at:

All things Chevy and more!

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Check out our good friend HarrySTruman2 and his wonderful blog for news about Chevy and more over at The Chevy Chase Show!

Your daily dose of Joel

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Check out eonline's Soup page including the soup blog, downloads, photos and more!

Check out Joel's two Official sites

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Swing on over to Joel's site for his schedule, merchindise and information about Community:

Then hit up Joel's MYspace page for more!

NBC's Fall Preview site!

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This is just a taste of what NBC plans for the show this fall.

"Digital Features
• Greendale Community College website - will introduce the show characters including: the student body, Dean Pelton, the faculty, etc. "

NBC is pretty good about web promoting so we should be in for a treat in the coming months.

Until then Head over to for info including previews, interviews, photo gallerys, and more!


Welcome to my first Blog post for NBC's new show Community coming Thursdays this fall. I hope to keep this site updated more and more as new photos and other info starts to trickle in over the summer for this show that is sure to become a classic. Until then check out the video from NBC's fall preview.

NBC's Community

Thursdays this fall on NBC

NBC's Community