Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Community coming to Blu ray?

Well there was some talk from Dan Harmon about the Blu Ray back when he was working on extras but as we near the September 21st release date for season one there is no sign of the Blu Ray.

Okay there is some sign of the Blu Ray.

Amazon still has the Blu Ray page up (which has been there for close to a year) but still has no release date, box art or a pre order option like the regular DVD set which has all.

Walmart.com of all places does have a page up, minus box art but confirms that it will be released September 21st... but still no pre order option like the standard set.
Check it out: http://www.walmart.com/ip/14894327

We have heard all about the awesome extras Dan Harmon is giving us but what's the deal?
Is it 1997 again and no one told us? Where is our Blu Ray?

IF there is no Blu Ray will you buy the standard dvd set or just stick with digital TV? Sound off on our poll!
Does anybody have any news? E-mail us at: Jackbtripper@hotmail.com

Poll Results: Guest Stars!

Well I must be getting old because I was really pulling for Lee Majors but it looks like Anthony Michael Hall is the winner of our poll of guest stars that you would most like to see return!

I have to admit I would love to see him return too!

Donald Glover Messing with Chevy!

I'm not sure who is the genius.  Check it out, Danny Glover has some fun:

Community set visit!:

possiblebypopculture.com visited the Community set recently and gave a great description of the gang and the fun:
From possiblebypopculture.com:
I learned that the cast is so close that even when they interrupt each other's interviews, they are having fun and a good laugh about everything. "We don't fight as much as the characters do. We don't really have brawls, and no one gives speeches as often in real life," Gillian Jacobs said. "But I think that we most often just dissolve into, like, silliness with Donald doing some bit and all of us just laughing. I feel bad for the people that run our set because it's like herding cats! It's basically everybody just, like, ping-ponging off each other all of the time."

Their dynamic truly has become like the study group, even if not all of the actors have taken on the specific characteristics of their characters. For example, McHale points to Yvette Nicole Brown as the true Jeff Winger of the group, "She gets around!" He dead-panned. Also, Jacobs wanted to point out that Donald Glover is a lot smarter than Troy and Pudi does, in fact, understand reality. Yeah, yeah, I figured.
But Alison Brie admitted that there are definitely situations and times where their real life personalities drip into their characters. One example is the dynamic between her own character and Brown's. "We have a lot of fun together," Brie said of Brown. "We both sit on the same side of the table, I think Yvette and I both see the same things in ourselves as similarities that really inform the characters, and that's what really drives it all."

Check out the full article here:

Friday, August 27, 2010

Community Soundtrack!

First Dan Harmon confirmed that a Community Soundtrack is in the works and The 88’s who sing the Community theme song will be recording an extended version for the album. 

But wait there is more!

The 88’s are about to release their new album in September.

The 88 is excited to announce the upcoming release of their new album, simply titled THE 88 (on 88 Records, via Rocket Science), which will be available exclusively through iTunes for two weeks starting September 14th. The record will be available at retail and through all digital outlets starting September 28th.
If you haven’t already check out the 88’s official website!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

NBC Fall Preview!

NBC has released a 24 minute video previewing the full primetime lineup and what we have to look forward to!

All the stars are there and even some short clips of the very anticipated appearance of Betty White on Community.
But mostly just a chance to meet the new stars!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Alison Brie and Joel McHale: Character Insight and Joel on getting a third breast!!

digitalspy.com reports on why Alison relates to Annie:
"I connect with the fact that she didn't come out of her shell until college, where there is this sea of boys and every one is a possibility," she said.
"Dan Harmon, the creator, recently said the character of Annie is becoming more sexual because he's taking a cue from me. I was like, 'Wait! Wait! Does that mean you think I'm sexy?' I'll take that."
Brie also suggested that Annie will begin to soften slightly, saying: "She has had some crying episodes. And she has never been popular, so I think anything threatening the group would be a real jolt to her otherwise composed demeanour."
Brie added that Annie may like being dominated in the future because it would be "a break from her uptightness" and explained that she understands that.
"Like Annie, I think I had a lot of innocence - and I somehow still do," she said. "I try to be very much in control when it comes to work. I have a strong work ethic. So I suppose there would be some room for domination."
Check out the full article here: http://www.digitalspy.com/ustv/news/a255376/brie-understands-community-character.html
Joel had a chance to clown around with hitfix.com and gave us something to look forward to in the second season!
"The good news is that... all the questions left hanging in the season finale are answered head-on, there's no ignoring of any of the issues left hanging. And Betty White," he slyly mentions. The hot-topic "Golden Girls" gal will play an anthropology professor at Greendale Community College this fall. Will she be on for more than one episode? "I hope she does. Betty, please."
McHale also teased that his character will be sporting a new breast in the middle of his torso and that he's been brushing up on his (South) German accent.
Check out the video here: http://www.hitfix.com?bcpid=79558349001&bctid=374849327001

Danny Pudi takes us on a crazy video tour of Comic con!

Check out 3 more video's of Danny and the Gang at Comic-con here!

Monday, August 2, 2010

LA Times gets Sexy With Alison Brie

We can thank the LA times for this great Photo and 10 questions with Alison.
From the LA Times:

1. How much of you is in Community’s Annie?
I connect with the fact that she didn’t come out of her shell until college, where there is this sea of boys, and every one of them is a possibility. Dan Harmon, the creator, recently said the character of Annie is becoming more sexual because he’s taking a cue from me. I was like, “Wait, wait! Does that mean you think I’m sexy?” I’ll take that.

2. Perhaps it had something to do with Worst Laid Plans. You called yourself a “self-proclaimed captain of coitus.”
Out of context, it seems very graphic, but it was meant solely for comedy. It stemmed from an Upright Citizens Brigade show, with the most amazing people [Amy Poehler and Janeane Garofalo among them]. Even though college was an experimental time, I definitely embellished to set the story in a more humorous context. I was also sure my story was going to be buried in this book—37 other brilliant actors contributed. When I saw the reaction, I called my mom and said, “Hey, remember that story? People think I’m a freaky freak now.”

3. Annie is so incredibly buttoned down. Are we ever going to see her flip out?
She has had some crying episodes. And she has never been popular, so I think anything threatening the group would be a real jolt to her otherwise composed demeanor.

4. Does she secretly want to dominate or be dominated?
She’s in control so much that maybe being dominated would be a break from her uptightness. She’s like a schoolgirl you want to be naughty with. You know, What is under the blouse that’s buttoned up so high?

5. Is there any of that in you?
Like Annie, I think I had a lot of innocence—and I somehow still do. I try to be very much in control when it comes to work. I have a strong work ethic. So, I suppose there would some be room for domination.

6. Okay, over to Mad Men—and we’re so glad it’s back, by the way. I read that creator Matt Weiner said Trudy is just like you.
I get pigeonholed into type-A personality characters, but I’m really not type A. I’m kind of a spaz. I think the common link between Trudy, Annie and myself is drive.

7. Is there a character you are dying to play?
I always wanted to play a mental patient. I was fascinated with playing crazy people in college, and I don’t know if I ever quite perfected it.

8. Do you think “sexy” has an age limit?
Not if you can still have fun with it. I think owning your sexuality is great—having a sense of humor about it is even better.

9. Is there a male celebrity who knocks your socks off?
Robert Downey Jr. He is such a talented actor, and I think I have always been more attracted to talent than I have been to people’s appearance. But yes, he is very hot.

10. You did a Charleston on Mad Men recently. Do you have a favorite style of dance?
Honestly, my favorite kind of dancing is just lettin’ loose. There’s something great about the carefree flinging of your body to great music. It can be so joyous. And when you have great friends to dance with, that’s a really fun time. My favorite kind of dance to watch is ballet. I’m in such awe of what the human body is capable of. Watching it brings up a combination of awe and jealousy—a good jealousy, though.
Check out the full article here:

Betty White rocks and other Community Guest News!

Betty White will not be the only Guest Stars on the upcomming season of Community

www.tvfanatic.com reports:

  • Drew Carey will guest star on this fall's third episode as a former co-worker of Jeff's.
  • Rob Corddry will also appear on an episode as a past acquaintance of Joel McHale's character.
Plus TVguide clues us in on Bettie White's spot!

In the second-season premiere of Community, the nicely ripped Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) receives a righteous beat-down from Betty White, America's favorite octogenarian, who plays a deeply eccentric anthropology professor named Jane Bauer.
As the scene was rehearsed July 29 in L.A., on a set where Senor Chang's Spanish class once stood, White's character employs a primitive weapon — part crossbow, part noose, all lethal — to put shame to Jeff's theory that "respect" is the tool that will preserve mankind. When she has Jeff on the ground, his throat in a sling, he gasps, "I respect you."
"That's why you failed," White replies, her trademark sweetness tinged with archly comic sadism.
White plays Bauer (Jack's grandmother?) in Community's second-season premiere, airing Sept. 23 on NBC.
Some of Bauer's moves require an athleticism that the 88-year-old White understandably cannot provide, so a stunt double is brought in. White, the usual sugar in her voice, asks her, "Honey, will you do me a favor?"
The stunt double, as awed as the rest of the cast and crew by the iconic White, replies, "Anything for you."
White says flatly, "Don't screw up," delivering her improvised joke for the sole benefit of those in attendance with the same élan as she does her punchlines in appearances seen by millions.
Since arriving on the set, White has been determined to entertain her colleagues. When she arrived on the set, she told the cast and crew, "You make a great show, despite havingChevy [Chase]."
McHale is unfailingly un-Winger-esque as he extends a hand to help White off high steps and platforms between takes. She reciprocates by tenderly patting his back when they confer on how to approach scenes, even if they involve how she'll try to kill him.
He tells her that her character is hardly alone in humiliating him, listing some of the more violent encounters the writers have concocted for Jeff to endure on the show. White deadpans, "I would take it as a comment as to how they feel about you."
The rest of Community's cast and crew are equally thrilled to have her join them. Gillian Jacobs, who co-stars as Britta, Jeff's once-and-future flirtation, exults, "Thank God — we'll use some of her reflected glory."
Ken Jeong, who plays the recently disgraced Senor Chang, agrees: "Yeah, let some of the Elvis dust rub off on us—absolutely."
Donald Glover, who plays former jock Troy, provides background on White's character. "It seems as though she probably saw something somewhere, like in a jungle or somewhere and realized, 'Oh, we're all horrible. We're all animals.' Because she's so sweet on the outside and dark on the inside, much like our group."
"She's also in preparation for something," adds Danny Pudi, who plays deadpan nerd Abed. "She has a strategy in place — there's something that's going to happen to the world, like the animals will take over, and she's ready for that."
"Apocalypse preparedness, yeah," Jacobs agrees.
"She's ready to destroy whatever she needs to survive," Pudi concludes.
Fortunately, the episode isn't as obsessed with the end of days as White's character may be. White simply says she's having "good, silly fun" with the Community crew.
And though creator Dan Harmon says he'd love to make Jane Bauer a recurring character, White is self-deprecatingly skeptical: "What would they do with this old broad?"

Check out the full articles here:

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