Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Community set visit!:

possiblebypopculture.com visited the Community set recently and gave a great description of the gang and the fun:
From possiblebypopculture.com:
I learned that the cast is so close that even when they interrupt each other's interviews, they are having fun and a good laugh about everything. "We don't fight as much as the characters do. We don't really have brawls, and no one gives speeches as often in real life," Gillian Jacobs said. "But I think that we most often just dissolve into, like, silliness with Donald doing some bit and all of us just laughing. I feel bad for the people that run our set because it's like herding cats! It's basically everybody just, like, ping-ponging off each other all of the time."

Their dynamic truly has become like the study group, even if not all of the actors have taken on the specific characteristics of their characters. For example, McHale points to Yvette Nicole Brown as the true Jeff Winger of the group, "She gets around!" He dead-panned. Also, Jacobs wanted to point out that Donald Glover is a lot smarter than Troy and Pudi does, in fact, understand reality. Yeah, yeah, I figured.
But Alison Brie admitted that there are definitely situations and times where their real life personalities drip into their characters. One example is the dynamic between her own character and Brown's. "We have a lot of fun together," Brie said of Brown. "We both sit on the same side of the table, I think Yvette and I both see the same things in ourselves as similarities that really inform the characters, and that's what really drives it all."

Check out the full article here:

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