Thursday, July 8, 2010

Community News Update! Plus Emmy news!

We have been lazy this summer, the curse of the unemployed I guess so let gets everyone caught up with what our favorite show has been up too!

Emmy's Suck:
Well First up our very own Joel McHale and Sophia Vergara (Modern Family) announced the 2010 Emmy awards this morning.  Well what can I say… we were snubbed!

Mchale has said to that he would not be heartbroken over the loss of nominations:
"My only main concern is making Community and helping Community be the best show on television," he said. "If people will give us a nomination, then terrific. But I love going to work. So I feel like a kid in a candy store."
He continued:
"Dan Harmon, our creator, I really do think he's some sort of mad genius. And I will fight to the death for all my castmates. I'm blown away by what they do every day."
Click here for McHale’s full interview:

Dan Harmon had his own words about the Emmy Snub:
I don't care! I didn't even want any! They make your living room look totally dumb!
Check out all the nominations here:

Yvette joins the view:
Yvette stopped by the View to co-host with the ladies… heres a clip of her getting ready for the big show:

Alison Brie joins Scream 4!
Dimision Films announced last week that Allison Brie has joined the cast of the movie Scream 4.  The film brings the suriveing cast, Director Wes Craven, Screenwriter Kevin Williamson and is filming now.  I can’t wait! 
Brie will play Rebecca, Neve Campbell’s “ambitious personal assistant who envies her boss’ reluctant fame and fortune”.
Filming is already underway in Michigan and Scre4m is scheduled to be released on April 15th 2011.

Read more here:

Jim Rash Screenwriter:
Jim Rash who plays our favorite Dean happens to also be a screenwriter who has finished the script for the now filming picture The Descendants.
George Clooney stars in the "The Descendants," a drama based on the book by Kaui Hart Hemmings. The project has just kicked off filming in Hawaii.
The plot follows Clooney as a husband and dad who attempts to work on his troubled relationship with this two daughters after his wife gets into a boating accident in Waikiki.
Check out these links for more:

No Spidey for Donald Glover.
Lastly it looks like the new Spiderman film has been cast and alas Peter Parker will not be played by Donald Glover.  It seems Andrew Garfield has won the part.  Well gang… we tried.
Check out the full story at MTV:

Stay tuned there will be much more to come!

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