Monday, June 28, 2010

Dino Stamatopoulos new show Mary Shelley's Frankenhole!

Well we know what Star-burns has been up to between seasons of Community!  The first season of Mary Shelley's Frankenhole debuted June 27 at 12:30a ET and Adult Swim has the web site up for the show as well as a very telling interview into the genius mind of of Dino Stamatopoulos!

Here is an excerpt from the interview:
Why should people watch Frankenhole?
I really have no idea why they should watch it. It's actually a show that looks nothing like any other show ever on TV because of the way these puppets were made. Because there were so many likenesses of people in the show, we decided early on that we can't really afford to sculpt all these heads so I went to the puppet guy and said, "It would be nice if we could take pictures of famous people and wrap them around these puppets." A South Park kind of quality, only more three-dimensional. So he developed this strange, beautiful origami to wrap these paper pictures around, and it looks pretty amazing.
After Moral Orel ended, what made you go forward with Frankenhole?
I kind of mentioned it half-heartedly to Nick Weidenfeld and he said, "Whoa, wait! That's a great idea!" And I didn't really get to the rest, and I'm like, "Really? I didn't think anyone would care about old-timey monsters." And he's like, "No, it's great! It's got time travel, it's got famous people. Fantastic!" Yeah, it was a pretty easy sell.
I'm actually very bad at pitching. When I pitched Moral Orel to Nick I was hungover probably. We started off having a very nice conversation and then I went into the pitch and I got the pages in my hands, and they're trembling. I'm really bad at pitching. He said, "Forget it! Just send me those pages." And he got the pages, read them, and picked up the show.
What episode do you think is going to be the most offensive or get the biggest reaction?
We have a very broad smorgasbord of offensiveness on the show. I hesitate to say because I don't want to spotlight any episode and make it a bullseye. We were very concerned about the Thomas Jefferson one. But we made some cuts and edits which I think helped a lot. We had interns and animators refuse to work on the show because of it. And I don't blame them. I think the way the show was-it was written by a couple of comedy guys who were just trying to get laughs and we became a little more socially conscious after that and scaled back on a lot of stuff.
Some people might be offended by the Barack Obama appearance in there. What's funniest about it, though, is the total non-attempt to impersonate his voice.
Well, I was just never concerned with any of the celebrity voices sounding so much like them. I do Mother Teresa as a screechy foreign woman that I'm sure isn't accurate.

You can check out more of the interview and learn how Andy Dick was cast as Jesus here:

You can check out the shows official site at :

In case you missed the first episode I am sure it will be up on the site soon (or Youtube) and in the mean time don’t miss the next episode June 5th at 12:30am on Adult Swim!

Oh wait!  If you haven’t already, check out our exclusive interview with Dino from this past year!

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