Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Season 2 Photo Preview! brings us a ton of pictures from the season two season premiere episode.


As apparent from the promotional photos,  is armed and dangerous in her guest starring role on "". Described as "an esteemed, but slightly unhinged anthropology professor", White's June is seen holding an ancient weapon and aiming it at 's Jeff. 

Speaking of the experience working with the veteran actress, McHale told Billy Bush, "She plays a murderous anthropology professor and she tries to kill me. She really does try to assault me numerous times. And she drinks her own urine ...and I am not joking!" But he was joking when he said, "It's very torrid, very graphic, really intense I don't know if we can show it at 8 o'clock." 
Check out the full article here and all the great photos!:

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