Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chevy Chase as Captain Kirk and Zombie's at Greendale... must be Halloween:

Dan Harmon talked to EW.com about the super secret Halloween episode that teases to be better and bigger than last years Halloween and Paintball together!

Harmon Teases there will be zombies and Chevy Chase as Captain Kirk!

From EW:
“Knowing too much about this particular plot would ruin it, but I promise it’s an awesome, one-off crazy conceptual episode with plot points and effects that are more familiar to horror film fans than our show’s fans,” Harmon revealed last Friday on the Community set. (As he was talking, a parade of costumed and bloodied extras marched through GCC’s hallowed halls, which were decked out with fake bats, chains, smoke machines, and various dismembered body parts.) “We’re going over schedule and over budget to get it right,” he adds. “I’ve had to promise to do a few what I call ‘Bottle Episodes,’ where the group never leaves the library, to make up for it.”
Luckily, we were able to scare up a few more details from Joel McHale, whose character Jeff Winger dresses up as David Beckham. “Last year, Annie was throwing a party and spent the episode trying to get everyone involved and we ended [up] at the party. This year, the groupstarts at the party, some circumstances beyond their control happen, and they start behaving badly to put it mildly. Like every crazy thing that goes down at Greendale, there is a perfectly legitimate explanation.”
Case in point: There’s a very good reason why Abed is dressed as an alien and Troy is Sigourney Weaver in the yellow robot suit. ” Our costumes are a metaphor for us,” said Donald Glover. “The robot is mechanical and cold like Abed, and Alien is strange and works all on instinct like Troy.”
Other costumes include Pierce’s Captain Kirk, Annie’s Little Red Riding Hood, Britta’s tyrannosaurus rex, and Shirley’s Glenda the Good Witch/Barbie/Miss Piggy confection.

Are you as excited as I am? Check out the full episode here:

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