Thursday, June 3, 2010

Alison Brie on being one of the sexiest women alive!

Alison and some of the Community gang were just in Canada promoting Community and she had a chance for a quick interview with the Edmonton sun. In the interview she talked about her experience cracking the Maxim hot 100 and explained her plans to climb the charts for next year!

“When you say ‘cracked’, you ain’t jokin,’ ” Brie said with a laugh. “I will remind you, I was No. 99 on the list. So I just made it. Maybe next year when I’m No. 94, then I really can start to diva it up on set.
“I got some tips on it, actually. Olivia Munn, who was No. 8 this year and is a friend of mine, gave me some tips on how to work your way up the Maxim Hot 100 list. The tips are totally secret, I’m not sharing them with anyone. You’ll have to see next year if it’s working.
“It’ll be like watching your favourite song climb the charts - one of the most important charts in the history of mankind.”

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  1. Damn, I had no idea my Alison Brie obsession was so universal. Let's have a long under the GCC bleachers, Ali! Such a treat is she.


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