Thursday, June 3, 2010

Alison Brie and Yvette Nicole Brown talk Community and income!

While on the promotion trip to Canada CityTV was able to catch up with Yvette Nicole Brown and Alison Brie for a quick interview where they discuss the atmosphere of the set and just what they are doing with the steady income!  There’s even a little hint of what we can look forward to on the upcoming DVD!

Brie: It’s such a fun atmosphere, it’s incredible. I wonder if people sometimes think that we’re lying because we’re always, like, “It’s so much fun!” It’s –

Brown: It’s like a playground.

Brie: That’s what I always equate it to. Wild kids –

Brown: On a playground.

Brie: Because we go nuts. We get a little batty. Silly.

Brown: Naughty! The thing is, everybody is funny in a different way, and everybody enjoys making each other laugh.

Brie: And even though we have different styles of comedy that we work with, I think our senses of humour –

Brown: Are identical.

Brie: Which is a good thing, because on our set, I feel like some of the things we say are so out there –

Brown: You giggle. We work really long hours, but –

Brie: It’s worth it –

Brown: Because we’re all together and it’s a great time.

Brie: It doesn’t feel long. 

Despite the long hours, the cast has multiple projects on the go. Brie has a recurring role as Trudy Campbell on Mad Men, and Brown is in the process of making a television cartoon.  Community was picked up for a second season, which means both actors are now slightly pickier about the projects they choose.

“It’s no longer doing jobs because you have to. My mortgage will be paid now,” Brown says.
“It’s as steady as an income as any of us have ever had,” Brie agrees.

Like Pudi and Glover, Brown and Brie are both active on Twitter.

“I realized the other day that I have 8,000 tweets, and that’s mostly me responding, going “thank you,”” Brown said.

“And I promote the crap out of Community online. Everybody Thursday, I’m like tweeting like crazy,” she added.

There are other benefits too.

“It’s so cool, the immediacy of Twitter. You really have a sense of, oh, people liked this episode. People watched this episode. It’s easy to get bogged down with ratings and networks and all this business stuff that’s really out of our control. It’s nice to have this one place, this one forum, where it’s all about the episode,” Brie said.

Those episodes will be available on DVD this summer.

Brown: It’s the whole first season, with extras and bloopers and –

Brie: I hope they give tons of extras because I can’t even tell you – 

Brown: The funny stuff that doesn’t make it. 

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