Thursday, June 3, 2010

Alison Brie Returns to Mad Men and scoops about Community too!

Get ready Alison fans! EW’s Eric Ausiello caught up with her on the red carpet and nabbed a few spoilers about her return to Mad Men and the second season of Community!

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Alison on her return to Mad Men:
“To go back to Mad Men this summer after eight months of constant work on Community playing just about the opposite character was really daunting,” she conceded. “I was very nervous I’d forgotten how to be Trudy. But then you put on the clothes and get the hair done and it is like you never left. Welcome back to the ’60s. Without prodding, I’m like, ‘The pot roast is ready!’” Um, pot roast?! There’s going to be a pot roast in season 4?! Reminded of Mad Men creator Matt Weiner’s strict no-spoiler policy, Brie faux backtracked. “Uh oh… I may get fired now,” she joked. “Great. S–t. Thank God we got a second season of Community. But maybe I don’t make a pot roast. You never know. Maybe I’m just saying that to send you down the wrong scoop path. Insert evil laugh.” Insert me saying I love this woman!

Alison on Community season 2:
Ausiello: As much as Allison Brie loved the cliff-hangery Annie-Jeff smooch, she’s worried about the havoc it could wreak in season 2. “It is a bit of a controversial thing,” she acknowledged. “I do think that she and Jeff have a special connection, but it may behoove them to just stay friends. I don’t like that it puts Annie and Britta’s relationship in jeopardy and could threaten the group dynamic. I hope that Annie and Britta are not enemies at any point next year. I have faith that it won’t get too soap opera-y. I don’t think I will be killing Britta’s dad who turns out to be my dad also but then I get amnesia and you realize it is my evil twin that did the whole thing.” Am I alone in thinking that, if done right, that could be an awesome story?

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