Thursday, January 20, 2011

Collection of Sexy Alison Brie Photos!

Okay maybe we are pandering but what better way to get you all ready for tonight's all new episode of Community?

Okay, you have seen most of these before but how about a refresher? These are some of my favorite pictures from various Alison photos!

What kind of man does Alison Want?  That and many more answers will be answered here… but just look at the pictures all ready!

Make a memorable entrance
Brie says, "The first thing I notice about a man is how he carries himself—the way a man enters a room can be incredibly sexy."
Your move: "Before entering a room, exhale gently, pulling your belly button toward your spine," says Janice Novak, M.S., author of Posture, Get It Straight! "Your abs will contract, aligning your lower back, flattening your stomach, and making you look confident and fit."
Be dynamic
Brie says, "It sounds so old-fashioned, but I want a guy who's sensitive enough to understand what I'm going through and who will defend my honor."
Your move: A 2008 study in the journal Personal Relationships reports that women tend to prefer men who are competitive in athletics but not in relationships. So let her see you fired up, but never direct it at her. Your competitiveness should work for her—you're a team.
Create compatibility
Brie says, "If our kissing isn't in sync, it's over."
Your move: Every first kiss is a little awkward, so quickly learn her likes and dislikes—with your hands. "For a woman, hands are part of kissing—how you touch her or pull her closer," says Dorree Lynn, Ph.D., author of Sex for Grownups. More contact leads to more signals; whenever she pulls toward you or mirrors your moves, note what you did to trigger it. Then repeat.

For more check out the full article:

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