Thursday, October 7, 2010

Community Soundtrack is Streets Ahead!

Just received my Community Soundtrack from Amazon.  Three Weeks late but okay at least I got it.

The CD is pretty good.  It only includes original music made for Community but thats Okay with me!

There is Plenty of Pierce, Abed, Troy, Vaughn with the nipples and Ludwig's amazing scores not to mention the full extended version of the 88's theme song! I think Chevy fans will really enjoy this as he really shines in more than one song including the Greendale School song "Greendale's the way it is!"

You can purchase the album from amazon or download it today from Itunes!


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  1. Wow-he really was a smug jerk back then .. god bless 'em.
    I think Funny Farm is one of his best because he showed he could act!
    I like the new kinder and gentler Chevy much better.


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