Thursday, October 7, 2010

Community News roundup!

First up the results of our Greendale Poll.
Will you still buy the Community: the complete first season" even if it is not on Blu ray?
Well... the results are in and 58% of you voted yes and it shows. has Community: The complete first season rated at number 78 in DVD sales this week.

Still bummed about not getting our show in HD?  Well then click here to sign up at to be notified when it is coming to Blu Ray.
You have to admit it is strange that in 2010 a show is not comming out in Blu Ray.
Sony never has been been current with new technology I guess.

Next up, and no doubt you have already heard the news somewhere else as we have been slacking off...
Hilary Duff will be guest staring on Community.  If you are old like me you will not know much about this girl other than she is hot and co-stars with Chevy in the yet to be released film "Stay Cool!"
You can read more about Duffs appearance on Community here:

And check out Duff and Chevy in the Stay Cool trailer here at the films Official site:

Last up we have a ton of stuff coming in today about tonight's all new episode including this spoilerish summary from

Community's Season 1 paintball episode — a parody of action-flick clich├ęs — wasn't just loved by fans. "It remains the favorite among everyone here," says Alison Brie (Annie). So it's inevitable that the show wants to top itself, and they'll try with the October 14 episode, a spoof of Apollo 13. Jeff (Joel McHale) and his study-group pals participate in a flight-simulation competition with another local college; the gang gets stranded on board when the shuttle is towed from the school parking lot.
This is no ordinary flight simulator: The Kentucky Fried Chicken SpaceBus — dubbed the "Herbs and Space Experience" — may be the oddest piece of product placement ever to appear on TV. "It's a tour de force of information about KFC, working to make the most delicious galaxy," McHale says.
More parodies are on the way: The Christmas episode will feature cheesy animation; the Halloween show sends up slasher films. "I hope no one dies, but I'm ready to bleed," says Danny Pudi (Abed). But all agree the show will always favor characters over pop-culture gags. Promises Brie, "We're never going to drift too far into outer space."

Read the full article here:

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