Monday, June 7, 2010

Community News Round up! Community DVD extras, new fan art, Community vs Glee and more!

Well it has been quite a week for Community and we got quite a few tips from our readers so here goes!
Dan Harmon tells us some details about the DVD extras that we are all on the edge of our seats waiting for.  Nothing certain yet but he tells us that right now there may be a commentary on every episode!  We will have a full list of extras in about a week or two!  I can’t wait!

SeamusHanly tells us that Community will soon begin airing in Ireland on 3e! Apparently there are already a ton of fans over seas which is cool because I always thought the show was too US specific for the rest of the world but that shows what I know!  I guess Community is an international hit!
Thanks SeamusHanly for the Tip!

Callitquits on tumbler gives us another great Community Fan art picture.  This time it’s our gang in a Wizard of Oz theme:  Check out the full picture here at the artist tumbler page:

bobsteroberts gives us some fan fiction: Community vs. Madmen!
Check out the fiction here:

Drifting away over at Livejournal has created this great piece of art that proves that Glee is stealing from Community’s Costume department!
Check out the artist profile at Live Journal:

Thanks to all our tipsters… and of coarse Dan Harmon!

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  1. That's funny!
    They do seem to be the same clothes/mask!


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