Thursday, May 27, 2010

More "Soup" for Joel McHale! gets the scoop from 'The Soup,' writer Tess Rafferty.

It seems even though Community has been picked up for another season and Joel is even making movies with Steve Martin he is still committed to staying on “The Soup.”

You can count longtime 'Soup' writer Tess Rafferty among those who think McHale will stay. She says she has no reason to believe McHale will leave, and that any speculation to the contrary is just that, speculation. "It really is," she says. "They've been doing that for years. Also, Joel sees it as a personal challenge to push himself to the point of death working on projects. Then they'll make a reality show of that and we'll cover it on 'The Soup.'"
Rafferty says the writing staff is a tight-knit group, led by head writer KP Anderson. And if you're picturing a crazy office environment and all-night, drug-fueled writing sessions a la the apocryphal salad days of 'Saturday Night Live,' you're off the mark. If anything, 'The Soup' staff are wine and food snobs, according to Rafferty.
"Joel used to work in a wine store before he became a television star," she says. "So he has an appreciation of wine, and the rest of us do, as well. We're more apt to drink wine than anything. We know a lot about wine." 
Great news for McHale fans.  More is always better.  Check out the full article here:

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  1. lets face it joel has got some skills as a main character but abed annie and troy are some sxene steelers no question. apart from chevy chhase this whole cast needs to be put in more movies. no dissin on chevy chase though the griswalds are the sh!t!!!


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