Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jeff, Annie and the "Ick" factor. has an article addressing the “ick” factor between Jeff and Annie and how Dan Harmon and company may deal with it.  From
But that affection between Annie and Jeff hasn't always felt romantic, mainly because Dan Harmon and his writing staff wrote themselves into a bit of a corner by making Annie a true college freshman. In other words, the character is 18, 19 at the most. And, considering Joel McHale is playing a character in his late thirties, the only way that affection can work is if they feel more like brother and sister than anything else.

And, even though Jeff and Annie have kissed before, the kiss at the end of the season finale was something completely different. But, because of the characters' age difference, the only word that came to mind while I watched it was "ick."
But by throwing Jeff and Annie together, Harmon and crew have acknowledged that they made a mistake. All season, they've addressed the fact that Jeff was old enough to be Annie's very young father, but they knew that putting them together was full of comic possibilities. And they realize that Brie can pull the romance off, because she comes off more like a 30-year-old than a teenager.
So, how will they deal with the age difference next season?
1. Mine it for laughs. Jeff is a cradle robber. Annie is dating an old man. Everyone at Greendale looks at them like they're freaks. Heck, we could even see Pierce (Chevy Chase) and Jeff bond over their lust for much younger women. There are a lot of funny ways this can go, and the writers of 'Community' might be just daring enough to go there.
2. Magically age Annie. This can be done one of two ways: she just starts the season at 25 without explanation, or Harmon builds a story about how Annie forged her birth certificate to play field hockey in high school or something like that. Once we all made the connection that Brie also played Trudy Campbell on 'Mad Men,' the idea that she was 19 went out the window, anyway.
3. Ignore it. Just don't address it. There's plenty about Annie and Jeff -- like Jeff telling the study group to ignore her Disney Face -- that's funny without having to address the age difference at all.

What do you guys think… can they pull it off or will their be a twist ahead?

Check out the full article here.

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