Monday, May 24, 2010

Donald Glover talks about Mystery team on DVD!

Derrick Comedy has taken the Internet by storm with a series of hilarious sketches. Now this famed New York University Troupe is finally unleashing their very first feature film on a wider, unsuspecting audience. Sure to be a cult mainstay in the years to come, Mystery Team is making its long awaited DVDdebut on May 25th. Directed by Dan Eckman and produced by Meggie McFadden, this hilarious caper stars Community's Donald Glover, and Parks and Recreation's Aubrey Plaza, alongside Derrick team members D.C. Pierson and Dominic Dierkes. The story finds a gang of former child detectives still on the beat well into their adulthood. Equal parts charming and innocent, while also being hip, fresh, and a tad bit naughty, the Mystery Teamhas never seen anything quite like "the case of the murdered parents". And it will take a lot of growing up on their part to solve this thrilling whodunit.

My first question is for Donald Glover. Last year, before I ever heard of Derrick Comedy, I would get retweets from a Dong Lover? And I always thought it was some porn dude. Was this a nickname you embraced? And why have you since gotten rid of it?
Donald Glover Number one, it is a porn name. obviously. Number two, my name is Donald Glover. When you put the two names together, it does look like Dong Lover. The problem is, people would always ask, "Why did you get rid of it." And I say, "It was because of you guys! You're the reason I got rid of it." Everyone thought they came up with it. I saw it when I first started using it. But I didn't want to erase it. I thought it was funny. But then everybody was asking me, "Did you know your name was Dong Lover?" Yes! I know! How do you not see that your name is Dong Lover. Yeah, that's my name. I had to change it because every third tweet I would get made a joke or reference to being a Dong Lover.

How does the Derrick Comedy team work? Do you all write for each character, or do you get your own character to write, and work from there?
Donald Glover We ran this like everything I'd learned at 30 Rock. Where people would ask this question all the time, "Oh, you must write all of Tracey Morgan's lines." Something to that extent. I don't think anyone could write that way. It would be a disaster if everyone were writing just their one character. We knew who our characters were. And what they did. We were constantly looking at each other's rough drafts. And we would chop them into acts. We brought them all together, and we smoothed it out. We knew this guy wouldn't do that. And that this guy over here would be more like that. We smoothed out a lot of the characterization. It was a process. It's a process when we do the shorts. We need to come together and understand what it is we're really going for. Because it's a premise based film. I don't understand it when people call this a sketch film. Because a sketch film is a lot looser. We have one combining premise. These guys are G rated characters in an R rated world. It was easy to follow.
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