Friday, May 7, 2010

Community recap from Spoilers! has its weekly recap here with some of the highlights of last nights explosive episode!  Obviously there are some spoilers and a couple great highlight clips.  Strangly enough they did not mention all of the "Glee" jabs.
"I hate Glee... I just don't see the appeal." Jeff

Check this out from the article:

Classic moments of awesomeness included Abed's run up the wall to take out the old dude, the girls taking down guys while their flies were open at the urinals, Pierce's betrayal of Starburns and his subsequent "death" orchestrated by Jeff telling him not to come over. They even connected the guy bringing back disco and roller skates with a pretty awesome sequence in the cafeteria.
Yes, they were huddled over a fire in the cafeteria as if madness had consumed the world. Embrace the surreality of it, because it makes it so much better when you do. 'Community' is ridiculous but it works. Tonight was an absolutely brilliant example of going crazy without going too far. The characters were true to who they are throughout, and in the end Shirley got the prize Jeff had won. Because he is a decent guy, after all. And that's the moral of every episode.
Check out the full story here:

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