Friday, April 30, 2010

Jason Reitman interviews Donald Glover: Life of the (Tea) Party

Director Jason Reitman interviews Donald Glover for  Here they discuss everything from Donald's budding music career to what he hope to be doing in ten years!
Here's a preview:

Jason Reitman: When I listen to your hip-hop, you talk about being unpopular in high school. But I know you and you’re really funny and charming and handsome. It’s hard for me to believe that the guy you’re describing in high school is actually you, because I was that guy in high school.
Donald Glover: Yeah, but people would say the exact same thing about you, right? I’m sure that everybody that went to your high school, they would not be like, “Reitman, yeah, he was the white Urkel.”
JR: Ha! When I tell people that I was that kid stuck in the video lab, they actually think it makes a lot of sense.
DG: But yeah, my unpopularity bit was totally genuine. I was nervous because I was around all these tough inner-city kids, so I was trying to make them laugh all the time and getting myself in detention.
JR: You were a smart-ass?
DG: I was. But I was also getting my ass kicked a little bit. Kids just were not having it.
JR: You’ve been in fights?
DG: It wasn’t like a punch-punch crazy thing. I just remember kids pummeling me. I came to school once with this new Nike hat I’d gotten from my dad and this one kid took it and filled it with dirt that a cat hat pissed in. Like something out of a movie! He’s like, “Wear the hat with sand in it, damn it!” [laughs]
JR: It’s amazing, right? I mean, you would never do that to an adult.
DG: You can’t do that to an adult! You can only get away with that when you’re a kid.

Check out the hilourous interview here:

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