Friday, April 30, 2010

Funniest Chevy Lines S01e22

Well Pierce went a little over the line last night and delivered some of the season’s best lines. 
This time he nailed just about everyone in the group. 

Annie: You said I have a crafty Jew brain.
Pierce: Nobody knows how to take a compliment anymore! 
Britta: So what’s the context for constantly calling me as a lesbian?
Pierce: If the wallet chain fits… I’m just trying to help you find yourself. 
Abed: He still assumes I’m a terrorist.
Pierce: If you’re not, I’m sorry. If you are, I’m a hero. I’m willing to take that chance.
“I’m not wearing my contacts.” — Pierce, with his glasses on, after mistaking a black woman for Shirley
“Why are Jeff and Britta making fun of those handicapped kids?” — Pierce

 What’s your favorite?

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