Wednesday, February 24, 2010

AV club Interview: Alison Brie

As always the AV club has done another wonderful interview and this time it is with our Alison Brie.

In it they ask about the improvisation of Community, 
Dan Harmon's future plans for the show, the sexual tension between Jeff and Annie and much more.

Check this out:
AVC: The show played up a sexual tension between your character and Joel McHale’s in a recent episode. Was that always the plan?
AB: I don’t know. It’s hard to know what the writers had been planning beforehand. But I think that when we originally got the script for the debate episode, they had that written in the script. And I don’t know that they were looking to get the characters together, really. It was kind of done with a sense of humor, that plotline, but the audience reactions to that episode were really enthusiastic. I know that everyone really took notice of that, but you never know what they’re going to do. We’ll just have to see.

AVC: In interviews, other cast members have said that creator Dan Harmon has lots of big plans for the show and its characters. Has he told you more deep dark secrets from Annie’s past?
AB: No, no, not really. I feel like that is another one of the things, that the longer we work on the show, the more the writers just start surprising you. Dan hasn’t really told me about anything deep, dark that’s coming up. You know, I’ll learn about it right before we’re gonna do an episode. It makes it kind of fun. You wanna do a lot of backstory for your character—as an actor, you wanna research that. But on the show, it’s fun to remain in that naïve place as you go along, and be able to continue to discover things about your character as the writers come up with them.

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