Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Community returns to Paintball!

That's right news is that this years two part season finale with be a return to Greendale's famous paintball match from season one's "Modern Warfare!"

EW.com reports:
Josh Holloway — who played James “Sawyer” Ford on ABC’s Lost — is in the process of closing a deal to make a cameo in Community’s two-part season finale. It’s set for May but no date has been announced.
Holloway’s character will emerge as a mysterious figure who shows up on campus during another game of paintball. The two-parter is a sequel, of sorts, to “Modern Warfare” — last year’s memorable episode that began with the Dean announcing a prize for a game of paintball. It devolved into campus-wide battle.

For more check out ew.com:


  1. Awesome. Modern Warfare was one of my favorites from first season. =) I'm sure everyone feels the same way.

  2. where in the wide world of sports did you go?


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