Thursday, May 6, 2010

Secrets of tonight's episode!

E! calls tonight's all new episode of Community as "Groundbreaking!"

E! was able to catch up to Dan Harmon who is overseas on vacation.
Check out this from the article:
Basically, we've been touting this "conceptual" episode of Community for months on end, and after finally screening this 30-minute treat, we get the hype. It's unlike anything we've seen on television before, and is truly fit for the big screen. The quality is movie-like, the budget must have been ginormous because the effects are unreal—and all of your favorite Greendale kids are there, including an decked-out-in-Army-duds Abed (Danny Pudi), a muscle-shirt-donning Troy (Donald Glover) and a shirtless, muscled-up Jeff (Joel McHale). All good things. Plus, there is some serious romantic development—jaw-droppingly so!—and major badassness courtesy of Community's resident chicks, Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown and Alison Brie.
Now back to Dan. We were dying to know the inspiration behind this wartime epic, and here's what he tells us: "I just love action movies. And when I saw what a successful tone-juggling act Justin Lin did directing the Halloween episode, I knew it might be possible to do some cool stuff with him down the line. Then I thought, 'Wait, how do you know there's ever going to be a down the line?' if you've got cool stuff you want to do, do it during the season you know you have."

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