Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Joel McHale to Announce 62nd Primetime Emmy Nominations

Just announced that Joel McHale and Sofia Vergara (Modern Family) will join Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Chairman-CEO John Shaffner at 5:30 a.m. on Thursday, July 8, to announce the 62nd Primetime Emmy® Awards Nominations.

Who of the Community cast and crew do you think will be nominated?

My bets:
Chevy Chase best supporting actor
Dan Harmon writing
Justin Lin Director “Introduction to Statistics”
Tristram Shapeero Director “Modern Warfare”

What do you think?

From NBC:
"I have two children, and I've never woken up this early for anything." says Joel McHale.
Joel McHale is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in comedy. He currently stars in the NBC comedy series, Community, in which he plays a lawyer forced to go back to community college after his undergraduate degree is declared invalid. While there, he forms a study group with other misfit students including Chevy Chase. He recently starred in the Steven Soderbergh-directed, Warner Independent dark comedic thriller, The Informant, opposite Matt Damon. He was also recently cast in two feature films shooting this summer, What's Your Number and The Big Year.
McHale is also known as the star of E!'s The Soup, a weekly entertainment show which satirizes pop culture and current events. McHale's quick wit and sharp comedic timing have made The Soup a pop-culture phenomenon. McHale also tours the country to sold-out audiences with his stand-up act.
Born in Rome, Italy, and raised in Seattle, Washington, McHale became a cast member on Comedy Central's Almost Live, a show from a group of Seattle-based performers which featured a mixture of skit-comedy and stand-up. McHale played on the University of Washington's championship football team and also completed the Actor's Training Master Program at UW. After moving to L.A., McHale landed roles on Will & Grace, CSI: Miami and Pushing Daisies. He also jumped onto the big screen with roles in Spider-man 2 and Lords of Dogtown.
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