Thursday, April 22, 2010

10 reasons to watch 'Community' has a great article giving us 10 reasons to watch Community. As if we needed more.
Here's a few:
6) Great guest stars. 
Though the show's core cast is plenty funny, "Community" also boasts hilarious guest stars that complement the show's existing comedy geniuses. So far in the first season, there have been appearances by Jack Black, Eric Christian Olsen, Anthony Michael Hall, Katharine McPhee, and Tony Hale, among others.

10) Eye candy.
This cast is gorgeous! It's been established that Britta looks like Elisabeth Shue. Jeff certainly takes notice when Annie shakes down her hair. Shirley's sparkly eyes and big smile can light up anyone's day. Troy is a prom king, Abed's proved how suave he can be when acting like Don Draper, and Jeff's got that tousled hair thing down for sure. (And yes, people: Jeff has a tendency to disrobe!)
Check out the few article here:

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