Friday, March 12, 2010

Funniest Chevy lines! S01E18

Last night's episode gave us lots of laughs and lots of classic Chevy lines! Pierce worked in call girls, Asian stereotypes and even a swastika!  
I give you the funniest Chevy lines from Basic Genealogy.

Pierce to Chang: "Hey... duck sauce, that was rude!"

Pierce to Chang: "The call girls I frequent are not nearly as attractive as my daughter."

Pierce guessing at Pictionary: "Smiling… sideways vagina?  Happy, sideways vagina."

Pierce to Jeff for guessing right: "As happy as a clam... what …a gay guess… idiot!"

Honorable mention goes to Ken Jeong for hiting several out of the park!

 Chang to class: “Wow, I can’t believe Star-burns isn’t a virgin… but judging from that Bluetooth headset, his son is.  CHA-CHANG!”

Chang to class: “It’s none of you business but I ate my twin in utero!”

Chang to Abed’s cousin: “Hey, Phantom Menace, how’s the trade embargo with the Naboo?”

Also Kudos to the cop:

Cop:  “I may just be a simple cop but people need to know… this is not going to stop until Pictionary bans the word Windmill.”

And finally Jeff and Pierce crying:
Jeff:  “I hate Glee!”
Pierce: “I’m not crazy about Glee either.”
Jeff: “I hate it… I don’t understand the appeal at all.”

The saddest thing about last weeks episode was finding out that last week Pierce farted on Vaughn and we missed it!

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