Thursday, March 11, 2010

Community: Katharine McPhee and Joel McHale Make Out Like Crazy...and Tell!

Sexual tension is spreading across the net with Joel and Katharine McPhee dishing about tonight's episode!
Katharine may only show up in a single episode (for now), but it's packed with hilarious twists and turns. "When I first appear, I'm this very sweet, innocent stepdaughter of Pierce. And you learn that I'm a little bit of a different character than you would've thought from the initial reaction," she tells us.

And according to Joel, Katharine was more than up to the task of conquering the complex character. "She was just great and she more than held her own with a cast that is so great," Joel says. "She just kicked ass. She's one of those people that you want to be around and hang around. Chevy loved her—and we had all these crazy makeout scenes together!"

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