Thursday, March 4, 2010

'Community': Chevy Chase falls backwards, burps into his mic and outs Joel McHale's hemorrhoid problem

The cast and the producers of NBC's "Community" hit thePaleyFest on Wednesday and though the shenanigans of one Mr. Chevy Chase were certainly a treat for the crowd.

Joel McHale gets naked
Attention, Joel McHale fans: his character, Jeff Winger, strips all the way down in tonight's episode. This isn't HBO, so we don't see much, but that doesn't mean McHale didn't feel performance anxiety. "I shaved down," he admitted. He also confessed to getting a spray tan and going on what he called the "I'm going to be naked in two weeks" diet. The episode also contains a same-sex kiss, about which McHale deadpanned, "It's just odd to kiss someone who has stubble, because my wife shaves every day."

One big happy family... minus Chevy Chase
There was a clear rapport between the cast members on the stage. Jeong spent much of the evening guffawing and playing off of Chase. Everyone complimented one another repeatedly. As Harmon put it, "The cast, minus Chevy, is so nice." And true to form, Chase responded with, "I feel so young working with them. Well, no I don't, actually. I feel like an old shit." But the he let his curmudgeonly front down for some heartwarming sincerity, comparing the cast of Community to the original cast of Saturday Night Live before returning to the funny: "And what about [Joel McHale's] torso?"

I'm Chevy Chase, and you're not
Seriously, though, it always came back to Chase, who feigned sleep, gargled his water, and parroted Jeong. Annoying? Kind of. But he's Chevy Chase, and he's allowed to do whatever he wants. As one of the Russo brothers noted, "[Speaking] is impossible. I'm just gonna be upstaged by Chevy." The panel couldn't help themselves from revealing interesting tidbits about their comedy icon co-star, such as his proclivity for name-calling. "He is the funniest person on the set," McHale gushed, "and then he calls you a prick."

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  1. I hope the good people @ Paleyfest put up a video of the Community Interview.. they just put up one for Lost!


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