Thursday, February 11, 2010

Interview with Community Creator Dan Harmon!’s Watch with Kristen has a great interview about Community and its future with Dan Harmon!

In it he explains Community’s chances of a second season pickup:
“I'm as confident as you can possibly get about a renewal without actually, you know, being able to bet my grandma's life on it.”
Also a message Harmon wants to get to all the fans of Community:

“I want everyone to know that if they don't understand that it's possible to go to community college for four years. They should Google it. It happens all the time. There are bachelor's degree programs in community colleges all over the country! I mean, we could talk about a four-year shelf life, but I don't want anyone to keep talking about how community college is only two years long. Maybe for some characters it would be. Jeff Winger is there to get a four-year degree so...suck it and love it!”
All good stuff.

Check out the full interview for more!

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