Friday, September 25, 2009

Chevy quotes himself:

Tonight’s episode features the first of what I imagine to be many instances where Chevy will quote himself (Chevy using lines identical to lines spoken previously in his various film and TV appearances).

Pierce talking to Jeff about Britta:
“She’s ugly!”
Clark talking to Ellen about Christy Brinkley:
“She’s ugly!”
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  1. yes - Someone else noticed this!

    He also said it ex-actly the same way!

  2. I know and did you notice his scream when he was on fire was his scream in Christmas Vacation. Do you think he even realizes that he delivered the line the same way?

  3. In the first episode he said "I like you, Jeff", in the same way he said "I like you, Betty" to Danny in Caddy Shack.
    In the third episode, someone said "I like it" the same way Chevy said it in Modern Problems.


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