Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My review of the first episode. **Warning Small Spoilers**

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I loved the show. As a reluctant Community College Graduate I thought it really nailed the Community College Experience. The cast was great so far. Chevy as always was amazing and I really liked the dynamic between him and Joel with the unspoken fact that they are the same. Chevy is just older and has already made the mistakes that Joel’s character is headed towards. Gillian Jacobs is really great and I too have a thing for Elizabeth Shue. Danny Pudi gave the most laugh out loud moments and I can’t wait to see more of John Oliver. The thing about Community College is that no one is happy about being there. The students and the teachers would rather be at a University but for what ever reason (normally laziness in my case or bad life decisions) they can not be there. I think that everyone’s general feeling that they would rather be somewhere else is the best part about going to a Community College… it is a bonding experience. I made more friends at Community College than the University and even still speak to some of the teachers and most of my friends. The show captured that feeling great. I can’t wait to see more and the Breakfast Club theme at the end made me tear up a bit.

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